Another 0.2% er for you... NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

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As we are now approaching Christmas, some customers turn from everyday, calm relaxed shoppers, to frantic crazy ‘I WANT IT NOW’ shoppers, with little to no regard for the person or company selling the goods to you. If you have bought from us in the past you will know that we are an independent family run business, and we always put the customer experience first.


Some of you may follow the ‘0.2% ers’ on facebook, but for those of you new to this, the title relates to the ebay feedback system, of which our score has always been 99.8%... 99.8% happy customers, and the 0.2%... well, I can only suggest you read on to the situation below. You can make your own mind up!

Customer: YOO-HOO Trevor, still waiting to find out from you why I am blocked from bidding/offering/purchasing any of your items.

I'll give it another 24hrs as I'm a just man then, then I'll take this up with eBay and make it personal.

Regards, A Gentleman.

Me: Good morning

Further to your email I’ll be happy to answer you. Every transaction we have had with you appears to result in you requiring compensation or insulting me and we have decided that selling to you is not viable.

With regards to your threats of 'making it personal', this re-affirms our decision was correct.

We have no obligation to sell to you and have exercised our right not to.

I'm sorry you don't like decision


Trevor Shepherd

Customer: A very good morning Trevor, very child like response, especially after me helping you to tighten up the way your warehouse packaged items, therefore reducing your complaints to virtually zero. See Trevor, I'm a man and I'm direct, if you can't handle being pulled up when you are glaringly at fault, HEY-HO!

Did you reach down and eventually find your balls.

(What these balls??)


Regards, An honest man.

Me: Hi

My response was not child like; it was based on fact and it clearly spelled out our reasons. We don't require your help in running our business, thank you.

We run an excellent business and pride ourselves on customer service and support with great product at fair prices, which presumably is why you keep returning. To be honest we rarely have issues yet despite this, nearly every transaction with you was an issue, which resulted in compensation or free stock.

We have endured insults, threats from you and you wonder why we don't want to sell to you?

I'll ignore the obscenities and suggest you refrain from further insults

Regards, Trevor Shepherd

So please remember, when you decided to buy online, there is a human being at the end of that computer, and if you want to see just how super our customer service is, come shop with us!

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