Is Black Friday something to get excited about?

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The term Black Friday is now a commonly used term for kicking off the Christmas shopping frenzy, but although savvy shoppers will wait until the end of November where deals are of abundance, what does the term Black Friday actually mean?

Black Friday UK

For retailers, it was all based around having the whole year in the red (in accounting terms) then after thanksgiving, everyone went mad for the sales, which meant retailers were back in black! A story I know only too well having spent the last 30 year in menswear retail.

The term Black Friday actually dates back as early as 1869, the crash of the U.S gold market, but in modern days we are now in a 4 day shopping holiday, with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday/Sunday and Cyber Monday, soon it will span a whole month!

Cyber Monday Deals

An estimated £1.23bn was spent in the UK for online sales in 2016, which was 12.2% up from the year previous.

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