The 0.2%ers

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We are now living in a world of reviews, reviews for restaurants, travel, hotels to name but a few, and certainly as an online trader with Discount Brands UK and with a large portion of our trade through ebay, we are up against product reviews and customer service reviews all of the time.

To put the blog in to perspective, we send out around 30,000 parcels a year, our ebay feedback on the day I write this is 23,315, with close to 10,000 feedback ratings in the last 12 months, and having 99.9% positives, makes me very proud! However, we do receive negative feedback from time to time, nobody’s perfect eh!

We always try and bend over backwards for our customers, making sure they are happy with the service they receive, but some people, you just cannot please! They say the customer is always right… but that’s just not the case, some customers are simply a pain in the proverbial! And anyone in customer service will agree with me! Please don’t take offence to what is written, we do hope it will make you chuckle, but these people really do exist!

Introducing you to the 0.2%’ers When I started sharing these stories our feedback rating was 99.8%, Meaning 99.8% of our customers were amazing and their shopping experience was outstanding, but the 0.2% of our customers were the ones to tell the world about… and so the blog begins!

 This weeks 0.02%er

Customer: I bought this yesterday and I've changed my mind, don't take any money out of my account and cancel the order please.
Me: Hi, we can't take anything from your account; it's PayPal so it's you who has to pay us, which you did. Unfortunately it has also already been shipped
C: What! I'm furious, I told you I didn't want it and you have taken my money and sent me goods I don't want!
Me: Hi, so just to clarify you selected an item, paid for it and we processed and shipped it within 8 hours before hearing from you. Please accept my apologies for being efficient how can we put this right.

Silly old us, must improve.

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