What makes a good brand?

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Part of my role at Discount Brands UK is cataloguing designer brands, lucky me! Having over 50 high-end fashion brand labels that we deal with on a day-to-day basis, got me thinking what makes a good brand?

Is it down to the colours used, such as Paul Smith with its iconic pinstriped bar code of trademark rainbow colours, or the Hugo Boss logo with its strong font, or does it go much deeper than that? What makes the consumer choose one brand over another? Obviously quality would be paramount.

Paul Smith

My thoughts? It goes way deeper than that! good branding is all about story telling, people love being part of something, a tribe, a community, which means it's all about the emotional aspect of branding. How does it feel when you purchase that Vivienne Westwood jacket, or those Armani trainers, you don't begrudge paying the amount they charge because the emotion of the purchase and wearing the item far outweighs that.

Brand logos

So as I trawl through 1000’s of designer brands I'm always quite proud when I list them onto our website at 50% off because to me yes they may not be this season's clothing but we make it affordable for more people to experience this emotional purchase.


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