What's the definition of fake and how to deal with it!

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Amusingly the dictionary definition is: 'a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.' Heading over to the Urban Dictionary for more of a current (and hilarious) definition... 'A person, the vast majority of the time a female who acts too nice to be real in order to lure in pathetic dopes and use/betray them, frequently crushing the victim's soul in the process.' Yes it actually says that!

In a world of fake news, fake presidents, fake goods, and sadly on occasion fake people, it's hard to know what is genuine in this world. Working with high-end designer brands for the last 25 years it's given me the great deal of experience of how to spot fake and counterfeit goods, and how to deal with suppliers of such goods!

The UK beauty industry worth over £4 billion a year and the global beauty industry set to top $675 billion by 2020, so the makers of counterfeit goods will be capitalising on this. But when you are shopping on the likes of eBay and Amazon and other third party selling platforms just remember if it is discounted it's not necessarily fake, communicate with the seller to find out more! 

Step one: check the image against the listing is a genuine image and not a stock image, if it is a stock image request more photos

Step two: check for returns policy, remember if you are unhappy with any goods you can send back for a full refund as long as it's not been used. Honest sellers will always uphold this as long as it fits with the terms and conditions

Step three: Always do a feedback check, and check out the company you are purchasing from to see what other goods they're selling but do remember as much as there are some unscrupulous sellers out there, equally there are customers that jump to conclusions and can be very unreasonable.

At Discount Brands UK based in Chichester West Sussex, we deal in a great deal of clearance and liquidation products from High Street retailers this is why our prices are often more than 50% of the recommended retail price we work on small profit margins to give you the best deal possible.

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